16 Amazing Texas Glamping Spots: Big Bend National Park

By Joshua Davis •  Updated: 09/21/22 •  25 min read

Luxurious, comfortable camping … in the Texas desert.

It wasn’t long ago that this notion would have been considered an oxymoron. But the rise of glamping – a luxurious, often glamorous form of camping – has changed all that. Now, even die-hard campers can enjoy all the comforts of home while roughing it in the great outdoors.

And what better place to go glamping than Big Bend National Park? This vast and rugged park, located in the southwestern corner of Texas, is home to an array of stunning landscapes, from desert plains to mountains and canyons. It’s also home to some of the best camping in the state.

I can tell you from experience that the grandeur of Big Bend is best experienced from within the park, whether pitching your tent out in the backcountry or at one of their developed campground sites, Chisos Basin, Rio Grand Village, or Cottonwood.

However, there are times when even I could use a little more luxury and comfort than what traditional camping can offer. That’s where Big Bend glamping comes in.

There are a growing number of intriguing opportunities to go glamping near Big Bend National Park, from luxury tiny homes and tipis to yurts and even transparent bubbles!

Here are just a few of the best places to go glamping near Big Bend National Park.

1. Domeland: Off-Grid Adobe Hut, Terlingua

Google Map View

Best Suited For: Couples or Families of 3

The first time I came across Domeland, I thought, that if Jedi Master Yoda’s hut was transported from the jungle planet of Dagobah to the deserts of Tatooine, it would look exactly like this.

Of course, that is, with some serious upgrades and stylistic mod’s. Still, the vibe is there.

Add to the remoteness of this off-grid slice of heaven and you’ll truly feel like you’ve gone off-planet to some vast desert mountain alien world. It’s a truly unique AirBnB!

Featured on HGTV’s “Mighty Tiny Houses,” Domeland is a one-room earthen structure designed specifically for the unique desert weather.

The entire structure is solar-powered, providing plenty of juice for the refrigerator and keeping phones, tablets, and/or laptops charged. A propane stove and sink (pumps water from a rain collection cistern) complete the small, but adequately-equipped kitchenette.

The main bed sleeps two and is supplied with clean linens, a pillow, and a blanket. A third guest (a child or Yoda himself) can sleep on the pallet couch; however, linens are not provided for this (bring a sleeping bag).

A fan is provided in the summer and a propane heater in the winter to help keep the space comfortable.

A well-kept private outhouse nearby houses a composting toilet and, while there is not a bathhouse on site, we recommend taking along a solar camping shower. An outdoor rock-and-mortar privacy screen provides a place to hang a solar shower and get squeaky clean under the open desert sky.

For us, the pièce de résistance is the show the sky puts on each morning, evening, and night. The sunrises and sunsets are something to gawk at and when the sun sets, the stars are so brilliant, that you truly feel as if you’re out walking among them.

Eat your heart out, Yoda.

2. The Local Chapter Luxury Yurts

Google Map View

Best Suited For: Singles or Couples

Literally yards from the entrance of Big Bend National Park, the 4 uber-luxurious yurts of the Local Chapter cater to the discerning upper crust of global travelers.

No corners cut here. With the exception of exploring the rugged trails of Big Bend, you won’t be roughing it.

The Local Chapter Luxury Yurts
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Each yurt has a king-size bed, luxurious designer furniture, a complete bathroom, kitchenette, dining table, wood-burning fireplace, furnished deck, telescope, and much more.

The Local Chapter Big Bend yurts are not tents, despite the fact that they are sometimes called such. They’re constructed to be permanent homes sealed against the elements and designed to endure strong winds and rain.

Each yurt has heating, hot water, and all the comforts of a first-class hotel and are positioned well away from each other atop a high mesa for unobstructed 360° views of the surrounding desert panorama, the Chisos Mountains, the Rio Grande, and across into Mexico.

Sorry kids, Big Bend glamping in one of these yurts is for adults only.

3. Casa Vista Grande, Terlingua

Google Maps View

Best Suited For: Families of 3-4

Okay, it’s not glamping. This is a schmoozy vacation home. But, I liked it; so, it made the post.

From its hilltop perch 1.3 miles south of Terlingua, Casa Vista Grande has one of the most stunning views of Big Bend NP.

If you want to be away from it all, yet enjoy relative proximity (6 min.) to the amenities of the local township, this is the place

Casa Vista Grande
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Capitalizing on Big Bend’s designation as one of the darkest places on the American continent, the elevated location on this hilltop gives stargazers a nice viewpoint to observe the night sky and the Milky Way.

Backdropped by the Chisos, Casa Vista Grande’s sunrise, sunset, and mountain views are incomparable, making it an optimal spot for photographers or those who want to admire the scenery.

This newly remodeled house is 1200 sq. ft. sitting on 160 acres with one bedroom that has a king bed. The living area is spacious, and there’s also a queen Murphy bed. Other features include vaulted ceilings, a full kitchen, a large bathroom with a tiled shower, a fire pit, and two covered porches.

Note that only service animals (no pets) are permitted in Casa Vista Grande, and then only with a cleaning charge.

4. Fossil Knob Ridge Container Home

Google Maps View

Best Suited For: Couples or Families of 3-4

The four recycled shipping container homes that comprise Fossil Knob Ridge sit on 20 acres generously spaced to provide solitude and privacy.

If you’re bringing the fam, then the 248 House, named for a real cinnabar mine in Terlingua, is the one for you.

Fossil Knob Ridge Container Home
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This home was constructed from a 40-foot shipping container joined to a 20-foot one. The 248 configuration has two king beds that can sleep four people in the larger container which essentially hangs over a ledge with a fantastic view. 

The smaller container with its oversized windows and cozy sitting area, serves as the main living space. The dining area for four and a super-space efficient kitchen with modern amenities complete the package.

There’s also a private dining accommodation for four under the covered porch to the west of the house, an outdoor grill, and an ultra-modern chiminea with campfire seating.

This house gives you an incredible vantage point to see the sunset over Big Bend Ranch State Park and the Mexican mountains.

The other three smaller houses, Chisos, Rainbow, and Mariscal are geared more for couples (although the Chisos can accommodate a third guest on a couch).

Each house is uniquely designed and furnished, possessing distinct qualities that provide guests with a memorable experience.

Fossil Knob Ridge’s remote location makes it the perfect spot for those who want to get away from it all and spend time in nature. The houses are on the local electric grid, climate-controlled, and potable water is trucked in regularly to keep the tanks full.

So, it’s on-grid with an off-grid feel!

5. Basecamp Terlingua, Terlingua

Google Map View

Best Suited For: Singles, Couples, Families of 4

And if you’re looking for a unique glamping experience that gives off a charming desert-nomad vibe, look no further than Basecamp Terlingua

Here, you’ll discover 4 vastly different lodging options: choose from a luxury tipi, adobe casita, yurt-like Lotus tent, and (for you space cowboys) a space-age transparent bubble-shelter that provides a panoramic view of the night sky.

Each of these provides different sleeping arrangements for 1-4 people (except for the Lotus tents which sleep 2 max).

Aside from the elegantly stark southwestern decorum of the individual stays, the crown of Basecamp Terlingua is the tranquil desert surroundings and the spectacular view of the galaxy in this dark-sky location.

The design of the individual structures not only complements the landscape but enhances the sense of being one with nature and far away from the bustle of daily life.

Evaporative coolers stave off the heat of summer and a space heater fights the chill in the colder months.

A note: peace and quiet are sacred here. Please consider the age and behavior of your children carefully before taking them along.

6. Willow House, Terlingua

Google Map View

Best Suited For: Couples and families with teen or adult children

Is this desert glamping or outright luxury-schmoozing?

I say it’s both, making the Willow House an uptick in the “glam” of glamping.

I mean, you can still shower outside; but, in terms of roughing it, that’s it.

Willow House
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It’s impossible to capture the intrigue and mystique of this place in a short blog summary; so, you’ll definitely want to explore the website to get a better feel for the place.

Willow House is an architectural masterpiece that perfectly compliments the aura of the Big Bend region.

Situated on almost 300 acres of private land, the 12-casita retreat centers around a communal main house and outdoor living space that are masterfully orchestrated to draw guests together for conversation, music, and stargazing.

The Communal Main House is a tranquil and multipurpose area that includes several sitting rooms, dining areas, a gourmet kitchen, 3 outside covered patios with views of the Chisos Mountains, an outdoor grilling station, and a hidden card room for all guests.

Several outside showers are conveniently (and remotely) located. They’re ideal for unwinding after a hard day’s trekking.

Relax by the communal fire pit and gaze up at the sky. Make some new acquaintances, gather the family for a meal, or prepare a romantic meal for two.

7. Desert Sky Hideaway, Study Butte-Terlingua

Google Maps View (Approx.)

Best Suited For: Families of 3-6

This tastefully decorated modern southwestern home has it all: air conditioning, hot water, grid electricity, high-speed Wi-Fi, a spacious kitchen, a peaceful living area with a large dining table, three bedrooms with comfy beds, and two full bathrooms.

The master bedroom has a king bed, a second bedroom with a queen bed, and a third with two twin beds. All are furnished with top-quality mattresses, pillows, and linens.

Desert Sky Hideaway
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After a day of adventuring in Big Bend, kick back on the covered porch with spectacular views of the Chisos Mountains and brilliant stars in the dark sky.

If a movie night is in order, bring along your Netflix, Disney+, or Prime login information to access your account from the entertainment system.

This is an ideal glamping spot for families or groups of up to 6 people who want easy access to all the best that Big Bend National Park has to offer.

8. The Pool House 1 and 2, Terlingua

Google Maps View (Approx.)

Best Suited For: Families of 3-6 (or up to 12 if you rent both houses)

In case you missed the two separate links in the heading, there are two Pool Houses right next door to each other, located just 10 minutes from the town center and the entrance to Big Bend National Park, in a quiet neighborhood.

The accommodations are super-clean and well-cared for and sport a hodge-podge cheerful decorum that seems to say, “Lighten up; you’re on vacation!”

The Pool House 1 and 2
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The 2-bedroom, 2-bath house is fully furnished with all the essentials you need, including a kitchen, bedding, bath towels, laundry machines, and household supplies. A sofa sleeper in the living room can accommodate an additional sleeper.

The first bedroom has a king bed while the second has a bunk bed with a queen on the bottom and a twin on top. The living area has a foldout sofa that is shorter than a regular full so it would be ideal for a younger child.

For an evening under a brilliant night sky, there is a BBQ grill, ample outdoor seating, and a fire pit … and, oh yeah, a lighted pool!

9. Sunrise Ridge, Terlingua (kind of)

Google Maps View (Approx.)

Best Suited For: Families of 3-4

This spacious, open-design home was built in 2017 and is nestled into a gentle valley bordering the Christmas Mountains.

Sunrise Ridge is designed to be friendly and welcoming, allowing you to enjoy optimum comfort while also providing a variety of outside areas that bring the mystique of the Chihuahuan Desert closer.

Sunrise Ridge
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You can relax on the enormous, covered porch with views of Corazones Peaks in a rocking chair or take a nap in the double hammock. The cool breeze is always blowing, even during warmer months.

In the rear through wood French doors, a charming screened patio with magnificent views of the Christmas Mountains allows you to take in the scenery.

Under high ceilings with exposed wooden beams, Saltillo tile floors in the spacious, comfortably furnished living area provide a beautiful place to sit and socialize or simply relax and read when you’re not out exploring the region.

Perhaps the best part about Sunrise Ridge is its location.

While being half a mile from its closest neighbor, giving you the feeling that you have everything between the desert valley and the distant Chisos Mountains all to yourself, it’s also centrally located to other West Texas points of interest.

A day trip can take you North to Fort Davis and McDonald Observatory, Marfa, or Alpine. Or head South toward Terlingua proper, the ghost Town, and Big Bend’s Southern entrance.

Nearby are Terlingua Ranch Headquarters and the Bad Rabbit Cafe if you need a bite to eat.

10. Serenity Off-Grid Container Home, Terlingua

Google Maps View (Approx.)

Best Suited For: Couples

Welcome to OutIntheMiddleofNowhere, Tx.

If you want a truly off-grid experience, this is it. Serenity is solar-powered with enough juice to run the supplied appliances and charge your devices, but a little more.

Rainwater is collected to provide the home with water for drinking, cooking, and showering; however, don’t be wasteful.

Serenity Off-Grid Container Home
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If you drain the reserve battery or the water tank, you’ll be camping for sure.

But, this is a part of the novel experience you are sure to have at Serenity.

This container home has all the creature comforts of a regular house, including a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. The living area is narrow; however with plenty of windows to let in natural light and enjoy the desert views.

At night, you can sit out beyond the covered outdoor living space, stargaze, and light a fire in the fire pit.

Serenity is centrally located (in a fluid sense of the term) to all that the Big Bend region has to offer. The South Entrance is only a 17-minute drive away.

Or, you can head into Terlingua for some food and drinks at the Starlight Theatre & Lounge or the Cactus Rose restaurant and bar.

Alpine, Marfa, and Fort Davis are all within an hour-and-a-half’s drive. So, even though you’re in the middle of nowhere, you’re never too, too, too far from anything.

Then again, take plenty of groceries. If you forgot the beer, there are no Quik Trips out here.

But, solitude, silence, and stars you will have in abundance!

11. Ocotillos Village A-Frame Stargazers, Terlingua

Google Maps View

Best Suited For: Couples or Families with Teens

If a vaquero from in the 1800s were passing through the area and happened upon Ocotillos Village, he would either assume that the aliens had struck some deal with uber-advanced aliens from another world (if he could conceive of such a thing) or swear off the tequila for all eternity.

Or he’d do both.

Such is the oddity that the semi-transparent A-frame Stargazers of this establishment present in the austere environment of the West Texas desert.

Ocotillos Village A-Frame Stargazers
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Complete with a queen bed (linens not provided), AC/Heat, mini-fridge, and coffee maker, communal shower facilities, and fire pits, Ocotillos Village is the perfect place to enjoy all that Big Bend National Park has to offer without having to completely rough it.

Each Stargazer only has room for two; so, if the fam’s coming along you’ll need to rent more than one.

One thing: Could we get some picnic tables? Or a rock to sit on?

If you can’t find anything fun to do in Big Bend, then you’re not trying. But, just in case, the Terlingua Ghost Town is only a 12-minute drive away.

There’s also the Starlight Theatre Restaurant and Bar in Terlingua if you need a break from all the peace and quiet.

And if so, why did you come out here?

12. Ten Bits Ranch Ol’ West Town, Terlingua

Google Maps View

Best Suited For: Couples and Families of 3-4

On 500 acres of pristine Chihuahuan Desert wilderness sits something out of an old western movie.

Or the third installment of the greatest sci-fi of all time.

In 2002, a couple of locals decided to accept the challenge of building the first off-grid lodging in the great state of Texas. It began with a small solar-powered cabin that became known as the Jailhouse.

Over the years, the property grew, expanding from the jailhouse to other western town-inspired structures like the Schoolhouse, the Gun Shop, the Bank, the General Store and more, each one a distinctly different lodging experience.

Ten Bits Ranch Ol' West Town
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Each facility is fully equipped with a kitchen and a Keurig for your morning coffee as well as hot and cold running water with showers and flush toilets.

The Ranch consists of rocky desert badlands, long dirt roads, hiking trails, horseback riding trails, an Indian cave, and breathtaking views in all directions.

The remoteness of XBR makes it the ideal location to practice photography, go hiking, bike, ride ATV, horseback ride, explore the night sky or just relax.

Or shoot a movie about a spunky time-trapped 80s teen with a hoverboard and a De Lorean …

Nah, that would never work.

13. StarGazer Airstream and Stargazing Deck

Google Maps View

Best Suited For: Couples

For me, this is by far the coolest glamping spot in the Terlingua area. I wish RV sites nation wide were designed like this.

Airstreams are some of the most iconic RVs ever made. They are both timeless and modern, and they have a certain mystique about them.

Stargazer is a creative combination of a 27-foot 2001 Airstream Safari and 1,000 square-foot covered deck and bathhouse that combines to make a truly unique desert abode.

StarGazer Airstream and Stargazing Deck
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The Airstream itself is newly renovated with a fully-stocked kitchen (microwave, small oven, cooktop, and sink), there are two twin XL beds, and a small dining table and couch for your comfort.

A smart TV is included to watch Netflix/Hulu content using your own account (but we recommend spending your time outside!).

Heating and AC provide more than adequate climate control any time of year and WiFi is provided.

This place is perfect for anyone who wants a clean and modern space to relax in after spending time outdoors or riding the nearby bike trails.

The covered deck not only acts as a docking bay for the Airstream but provides a huge, handsomely equipped outdoor living space. You’ve come to the ideal place if you’re seeking for a way to unwind in style.

The Big Bend StarGazer deck comes equipped with an extensive outdoor kitchen (complete with a cooktop, sink, and propane grill, a dining table, and a refrigerator) for convenient meal prep and enjoyment.

There is also a comfortable couch for lounging, as well as a propane fire table to keep you warm on cool nights.

Finally, the bathhouse is a truly unique addition. Whether you chose to shower indoors or outdoors with a full view of the surrounding mountains, the space is expertly designed to promote a sense of well-being and rejuvenation after a long day exploring the area.

14. Lil’ Al’s Barndominium, Terlingua

Google Maps View

Best Suited For: Couples

I’m not sure how little the actual Al is; but, the barn isn’t very huge either.

Perfect for couples who need about 600 square feet of home-comfort secluded on 10 acres of desert solitude, Li’ Al’s is a charming space away from it all.

Lil’ Al’s Barndominium
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The interior is tastefully decorated with a rustic flare, complete with a fully-functional kitchen, king-sized comfy bed, bathroom, and, as seems to be the trend in these parts, an outdoor shower.

Surrounding the barn is a collection of sitting areas to take in the desert vistas including a sheltered picnic table, seats around a firepit, as well as a BBQ.

Heat and AC keep the desert’s extreme temps at bay; however, when the weather is mild, huge double barn doors open up one entire side of the unit, opening up the interior to wide desert views.

Terlingua proper and the southern entrance to Big Bend are minutes away making it an ideal getaway spot for singles or couples.

15. Sierra Geodesic Dome Escape

Google Maps View

Best Suited For: Couples or Families of 3 (so long as one person doesn’t mind sleeping in the hammock outside)

It looks like an igloo in the burnin’ desert.


The beauty of living (even for a short stint) in a white geodesic dome is that the shape gives the impression that the space is much larger than it is.

Sierra Geodesic Dome Escape
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The interior of the dome itself is well furnished, welcoming, and comfortable and the outdoor living space with furniture, king-sized bed, , a private dining area, and a fire pit offers 360° views of the desert, valley, and mountains.

There’s even a communal pool!

This location is remote so with the nearest food being the Bad Rabbit Cafe (not known for staying open too late).

Also, the communal restrooms and showers are a good 30 minutes away … like I said … remote.

16. Desert Pearl Vintage Ghost Town Travel Trailer

Google Maps View

Best Suited For: Couples or Families of 3

A hop-skip-and-horny-toad from Basecamp Terlingua and the Terlingua Ghost Town sits a vintage steel Airstream-esque trailer modded out into a quaint, comfortable old-school southwestern getaway.

With a TESLA charger out front. Anachronism alert!

Desert Pearl Vintage Ghost Town Travel Trailer
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While the only bed is queen-size for two, there is a cushioned window seat at the far end that could accommodate a child or three-quarters of an adult.

The kitchen features a fridge and coffee maker, but no stove … but, you’re in Terlingua central so grabbing a bite is not a problem until 9:00 pm.

The canopied deck sits just outside the exit equipped with low-riding Adirondack chairs and a fire pit with a great desert view.

The fully-enclosed separate adobe bathhouse completes the accommodations nicely with hot and cold running water and a rainshower shower head.

Long-term stays are welcome.

What is there to do in and around Terlingua, Texas?

When Big Bend glamping, it’s a good bet that the closest town in any direction will be Terlingua.

There’s more to Terlingua than just glamping … though, that is a big part of the allure.

The area surrounding Terlingua is rich in history and there are plenty of opportunities for exploration, adventure, and relaxation.

1. The Terlingua Trading Company

The Terlingua Trading Company peddles its wares within the walls of the old Chisos Mining Company store.

This is a great place to grab souvenirs, a beer, and soak yourself in some local color.

2. The Starlight Theater

A hoppin’ little joint next door to the Trading Company that has been offering live music and entertainment since the 50s.

The Starlight is a great place to grab a big burger, wash it down with something bubbly or burny, tap your boot to some live tunes, and catch up with locals and find out what’s going on in Terlingua.

3. DB’s Rustic Iron BBQ

Less expensive and with fewer crowds (except Saturdays), DB’s is a great place to get your BBQ fix.

Don’t be put off by this unassuming roadside shack. The brisket and turkey are immaculate.

4. Espresso Y Poco Mas

Nothing completes a Big Bend glamping experience like an authentic Mexican breakfast with a strong cup of Texas coffee.

Don’t sleep in too late. They wrap up the day at 2:00 pm.

5. Bad Rabbit Cafe

If you’re staying in or near Terlingua Ranch (where several of these reviewed glamping spots call home), Bad Rabbit Cafe inside Terlingua Ranch Lodge is the easiest way to grab a bite to eat.

Sporting all American southern comfort foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and live music to wash it down with, you’ll want to get there early. The kitchen closes at 8:00pm!

6. Big Bend National Park

One of the primary reasons people come to Terlingua is to explore the vast and varied terrain of Big Bend National Park.

With over 800,000 acres of land to explore, there is something for everyone in the park.

There are hiking trails for all levels of ability, canyoneering, backpacking, mountain biking, bird watching, stargazing, and more.

The park is also home to the Chisos Mountains, the only mountain range fully contained in a national park.

For those who want to explore the park without all the physical exertion, there are plenty of scenic drives and overlooks to take in the sights.

Finally, it’s important to keep in mind the vastness of Big Bend. Although you’ll be staying in Terlingua and thus only minutes from the park’s Southern entrance, the car ride along parks roads to Big bend proper will take 45 minutes to over an hour.

From Terlingua, Chisos Basin campground is 45 minutes and Rio Grande Village campground is just over an hour.

Get yourself a park map to identify the locations and trailheads you’re interested into plan your departure time from Terlingua.

7. Big Bend Ranch State Park

In addition to Big Bend National Park, there is also the neighboring Big Bend Ranch State Park.

With over 300,000 acres of land, the state park offers plenty of opportunities for exploration and adventure.

There are hiking trails, backpacking trails, mountain biking trails, horseback riding trails, and more.

The state park also sits along the Rio Grande which offers opportunities for fishing, canoeing, and kayaking.

8. Ghost Towns

The town of Terlingua is itself a ghost town, but there are other ghost towns in the area worth exploring.

Lajitas was once a thriving little town with a population of over 200. Today, it is a ghost town with a few residents who maintain the buildings and offer tours.

Study Butte was once a bustling mining town. Today, it is a quiet community with a few businesses and residences.

Mariscal Mine is an abandoned copper mine that operated in the early 1900s. The site has been turned into a museum where visitors can learn about the history of the mine.

9. Terlingua Racing Circuit

For those who want a little more excitement, the Terlingua Racing Circuit is a racetrack that hosts annual off-road races.

The circuit is a 3.1 mile course with a variety of terrain including sand, gravel, rock, and mud.

The races attract people from all over the world and are a great spectator event.

10. Annual Chili Cook-Off

Every year, Terlingua hosts the World Championship Chili Cook-off.

The cook-off is a fierce competition where chili chefs from all over compete for the title of World Champion Chili Chef.

The cook-off is open to the public and there are plenty of chili samples to go around.

11. Alpine and Marfa, Tx

Within an hour-and-a-half drive, you can reach the towns of Alpine and Marfa.

Alpine is a quaint town with a population of just over 6,000. The town is home to Sul Ross State University and offers a variety of shops and restaurants.

Marfa is an artsy town with a population of just over 2,000. The town is home to the Marfa Lights and a variety of art galleries, shops, and the Big Bend Brewery.

Big Bend or Bust

Before you go, there’s something you should know about Terlingua, Big Bend, and the surrounding culture.

First, you’re stepping back in time. To an age when life moved slower, and the locals would like to keep it that way (and rightly so).

Leave your city-life expectations behind. They have no place here. You’re going to Big Bend country to get away; so, leave your over-caffeinated, short-tempered stress monkey at home.

The sleepy village of Terlingua, Texas was brought into existence in the mid-1880s when the discovery of Quiksilver (mercury) began to pocket the region with mine shafts.

By the 1940s however, demand for mercury dried up and, with the advent of WWII, Terlingua became a ghost town until the 60s when (no joke) a chili cook-off put it back on the map attracting national attention as a tourist destination.

To this day that same Chili Cookoff draws thousands upon thousands of chiliheads to the area on the first Saturday of each November.

Other than that, Terlingua has gathered fame for the growing number of privately-owned lodging enterprises that have sprung up across its sprawling, seemingly endless landscape.

From vacation homes to renovated travel trailers and recycled container homes, the variety of ways to enjoy the grandeur of the Chihuahuan Desert is only as limited as one’s willingness to try new (and sometimes crazy) things.

Despite the added commerce from tourism to Terlingua’s purse, it retains it’s laid back, easy-going culture … one we should all hope never gives way to the pressures of commercial fame.

It’s a community that welcomes outsiders but holds the surrounding Big Bend country as a sacred heritage.

Take all the time you need. Leave nothing but footprints.

Now, get out there.

Joshua Davis

Being outdoors is freedom! Being outdoors with my wife and two boys is LIVING! Whether in my backyard or getting lost in a National Park, there’s nothing I’d rather do than explore, discover, and experience the paradise that surrounds us. Give me my family, a backpack, and a trail and my life is full!